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My name is JoElla, I have been showing and raising quality Abyssinian cats since 1989. My main breeding focus is on the health of my cats as well as maintaining the quality of the breed standard. I am a long standing member with the Abyssinian Breeders International and throughout the years have been showing with the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA). My love of the breed shows in the kittens I produce. They are extremely affectionate, beautiful and will provide years of love and companionship to the families they are placed with. Abyssinians make extraordinary pets, please explore my website to learn why they are one of the most popular of cat breeds.
The Abyssinian is thought by some to one of the very oldest of all breeds of domestic cats. The Abyssinian resemble the sculptural and painted representations of ancient Egyptian cats - they are medium in size, muscular yet elegant, with long, well-arched necks, large alert ears, long legs and exotic, almond-shaped eyes.
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