Amberize Abyssinians Cattery
Application info Thank you for your consideration of a new family companion from Amberize Abyssinians. In an effort to ensure that I find the right match to a loving, committed home I will need some information. This application and questionnaire will help me in my decision for placement of my cats and kittens. Once an application is accepted and a cat or kitten is available, I do require a Non-refundable deposit to hold them. If you would like to be placed on my future litter waiting list, please contact me by email and I will send an application form for you fill out and return.
Name; Address: Phone: Email: Questionnaire 1. Have you owned an Abyssinian before? 2. Why are you considering an Abyssinian for you next companion? 3. Have you owned cats before? 4. Are you looking for a moderat energy level lap cat? 5. Are your current pets spayed or neutered? 6. Will this be an indoor or outdoor cat? 7. Do you prefer your indoor cats to be declawed? 8. How many hours per day will your pet be left alone? 9. Do you have young children or elderly living with you? 10. Do any family members have allergies or asthma? 11. Dose anyone in your household smoke or vape? 12. Do you live in a house? 13. Do you rent or own your home? 14. How many people live in your home? 15. Are you looking for a retired adult or kitten? 16. Do you have a preference for the sex and color? An Abyssinian is a lifelong addition to the family and as such will require investment of your time and money for medical care, appropriate food,water, clean environment, exercise, attention and protection from harm. Are you willing and able to provide these resources for your new cat or kitten?
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